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31 January 2010 @ 01:28 pm
Fucked off  

Yesterday, I was having lunch at my parents' and some one knocked at the door. It was somebody working for an NGO asking for assistance. I had been thinking for a while to help with an NGO and I thought that, maybe, destiny was knocking at my door (at first i freaked out because I thought it was the "circulo de lectores" woman and I had no money to pay for the book she's been prosecuting me to buy for weeks).

So I filled in the application form, gave it to the guy and said goodbye. Everything was cool up to then.

Until someone from the NGO phoned me in the evening to tell me that the economic help i had decided to give wasn't enough. I wanted to help with 10 euros each three months and the minimun was 10 euros every month.


I was so freaked out by the phone call i accepted the minimum fee they were asking for and said goodbye.

But I'm calling there tomorrow. I'm really fucked off  'cos you can't say willing people how to help. It's enough they want to help. I'm so frustrated i have no words to describe de anger I'm feeling, but the person on the phone tomorrow will hear me.


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Georginagin_woof on February 3rd, 2010 11:20 am (UTC)
Uf, lo hacen muchas, es un asco.

Supongo que como la gente cada vez traga más ahora se dan el lujo de poner mínimos. En fin...

Obligales a aceptar tu oferta o mándales al carajo a pesar de todo, es mi opción, solo por tocahuevos.